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Katrin Niedermeier: Idle Idol Sweat

3.536,00  Prices include VAT.

Embroidered Sweater, coloured, various motives on digital basis, framed.

5 variants:

#1 idle idol sweat – complete confidence, frame maple, lacquer, plexiglass, hdf; Sweater: 100% acrylic knit sweater, 86 x 120 cm, 2021
#2 idle idol sweat – my ladies, frame maple, lacquer, plexiglass, hdf, 100%; Sweater: Acrylic knit sweater, 112x 74 cm, 2021
#3 idle idol sweat – thank you for shopping, frame maple, lacquer, plexiglass, hdf; Sweater: 100% acrylic knit sweater, 77 x 107 cm, 2021
#4 idle idol sweat – all extended uses, maple, lacquer, plexiglass, hdf; Sweater: 100% acrylic knit sweater, 90 x 94 cm, 2021
#5 idle idol sweat – item to buy now, maple, lacquer, plexiglass, hdf; Sweater: 100% acrylic knit sweater, 93 x 74 cm, 2021

Edition each max. 3, no AP. 1 each in stock, additional copies are produced to order.

The frames are each handmade by a professional carpenter. Frame depth approx. 6 cm.
The front cover of the frames is made of plexiglass, the back (passepartout) is made of HDF hard fiber wood.

Delivery time: Two weeks

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Katrin Niedermeier presents her tapestries Idle Idol Sweat – framed – exclusively at UNPAINTED. This work was inspired by female avatars, which are offered for sale online and are equipped with generic, mostly stereotypical movement sequences and poses. In this work, framed sweaters with differently knitted motifs are shown, which are based on images and digital data of previously purchased digital characters and their fictitious environment and imagery. At the same time, explicit formulations of the receipts, sales slogans and licenses of these acquired female avatars are taken over and translated into knitted matter. These sweaters are now forced into an individual, rigid pose by the handmade wooden frames. Methods of consumer-friendly, automated online software and feedback-like work processes are used in this work and are examined here both formally and for their relevance/ability to produce reality.

Until 11 January 2022, the Haus für Elektronische Künste (HEK) in Basel is showing similar works as merchandising articles entitled “Somehow Clothing” by Katrin Niedermeier – UNPAINTED berichtete.


Click on the images to enlarge. To purchase, select your preferred variant from the pull-down menu below.

#1: All Extended Uses
#2: Complete Confidence
#3: Item to Buy
#4: My Ladies
#5: Thank you for Shopping

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 10 cm
Idle Idol Sweat

All Extended Uses, Complete Confidence, Item to Buy Now, My Ladies, Thank you For Shopping