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UNPAINTED is the platform for digital art – online and offline. “Digital Art” is also known as media art or electronic art. UNPAINTED was founded in 2013 by art lovers in Munich. The digital art genre still has some catching up to do on the international art market, and yet the possibilities for expression with new digital technologies are unlimited. The interested art lover will be shown new dimensions and experiences. Today’s rapidly changing, digital, digital world is interpreted in a contemporary way.

The aim is to improve the perception of digital art forms by hosting art fairs, actions and exhibitions. At the same time, a stage will be opened for digital artists. Both art galleries and artists without gallery ties are given the opportunity to present themselves. At our fairs and exhibitions, we work together with international artists and curators of digital art.

Past Activities



Since 2019, the UNPAINTED artstore enables you to purchase works of digital art by renowned artists conveniently and affordably online – video downloads, prints, animations, objects, and much more. The number of artists and works represented is constantly increasing.

What is Digital Art?

Software eats the world – more and more fields in the economy and society are being covered by digitalization. Digital technologies have also made their way into art: since the 1960s, artists have been creating new forms of expression using the ever-evolving digital tools. Sometimes the phenomenon of the digital society itself is also the subject of artistic creation. Production is partly or completely digital.

Nowadays, a work of art can be something virtual on the Worldwide Web or a physically real sculpture developed on the computer. These works of art require a changed and expanded perception of art on the part of the public. In the digital age, curators and collectors need to use new criteria in the assessment of art or innovative ways of presenting.

“Art” in the classical sense consists of painting and sculpture. Photo art and video art have gradually established themselves as art genres. The market for digital art is still in development. UNPAINTED sees its mission as communicating this genre internationally to an interested audience and pursues a strict focus on digital art.

Art Advisory

As a private collector or museum, we are happy to advise you on how to enrich your collection with works from the genre of digital art.

If you want to be an innovative company and in a creative environment, THEN UNPAINTED is the right partner for you. In the past, we have worked with a number of attractive companies. For you as a company or hotel, we can install larger or smaller works in your rooms or host exhibitions with artists and curators from our network. You can use this as a background for your customer events or to stimulate the creativity of your employees.


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Benedict Rodenstock

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Our target group is art lovers who are open to modern forms of representation. These persons tend to belong to an above-average educated and high-income population.