Katrin Niedermeier: Idle Idol Monika

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“Idle Idol Monika”, 2020/2021, by Katrin Niedermeier (CH)

Choose from 4 different works consisting of the video Be My Monika or one of 3 C-prints on Alu-Dibond of the work Idle Idol Monika.

The video work Be My Monika, 2020, is a HD animation/ screen recording in 9:16 format with a length of 7:13 min and suitable for a 48″ (107,1 x 61,8cm) screen (not included in the price and delivery) and will be delivered on a USB stick.

The 3 C-prints of the work Idle Idol Monika, 2021, are printed by direct printing on glossy alu dibond and have a dimension of 64 x 36cm (width x height).

Edition: 3 + 2 AP

All works are sold with certificate as a conventional document or optional blockchain certificate of the artist.

Here are the variants in detail. Click on the images to enlarge. “Esc” to close. Choose your subject from the pull-down menu.

Katrin Niedermeier: Trailer for the video Be my monika.

Katrin Niedermeier: C-Print Idle idol monika (1)
Katrin Niedermeier: C-Print Idle idol monika (2)
Katrin Niedermeier: C-Print Idle idol monika (3)

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About „Idle Idol Monika“

The project idle idol monika shows a female, – except for high heels – undressed avatar repeating different poses in an isolated virtual environment. This fictive site de-contextualizes the animated body. Various unmodified sequences of movements — commonly perceived as female and proposed as ready made poses on websites — are combined in an endless loop and drift into the absurd through their repetition and rigidity. Patterns of movement such as the avatar frequently falling to the floor come to light and reveal regressive stereotypes. Usually used as templates for the gaming industry, these exercise-like sequences make us aware of how dangerous and falsifying virtual representations of the human body can be. Properties with a particularly feminine connotation, such as nail polish or make-up, appear exaggerated and call the differentiation between typically female, male or diverse, into question.

Idle Idol Monika refers to questions of identity, gender and self-determination, while at the same time questioning the way we deal with avatars – who could soon become our idols.

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Video "Be my monika", Print "Idle idol monika (1), Print "Idle idol monika (2), Print "Idle idol monika (3)

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