Holger Lippmann: PerlinScape IV.2

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“PerlinScape IV.2” by Holger Lippmann

4 works from the group of works: PerlinScape IV.2, 2021

There is each work on paper in the dimensions 55 x 100cm (height x width) or on canvas in the dimensions 65 x 120cm or 80 x 150cm (height x width).

Works on paper: Pigment print on 100% cotton paper – Edition of 15 – Price: 600.00 euros, plus shipping
Works on canvas 65 x 120cm: pigment print on canvas, stretched on frame – Edition of 10 – Price: 1500.00 Euro, plus shipping
Works on canvas 80 x 150cm: pigment print on canvas, stretched on frame – Edition of 5 – Price: 2200.00 Euro, plus shipping

Technique: Code Art/Generative Art

The works are certified.

Here are the variants in detail. Click on the image to enlarge. “Esc” to close. Choose your motif in the pull-down menu.

Holger Lippmann: PerlinScape IV.2 (1762111910)
Holger Lippmann: PerlinScape IV.2 (17621125524)
Holger Lippmann: PerlinScape IV.2 (1762185033)
Holger Lippmann: PerlinScape IV.2 (20621153457)

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About “PerlinScape IV.2”

It is a challenge to use programming code and algorithms to generate shapes, color sequences, and compositions. A joy comparable to what electronic musicians must have felt when they started modulating synthetic sounds in the 1970s to find out what sounds like, what pleases and what disturbs. To find out what fits together and which sound images create which feelings and associations….

This is how Holger Lippmann deals with the art of creating images by means of programming code and algorithms. At the beginning there is an idea, from which often a whole series of experiments emerges.

The series “perlinScape 2021” emerged from initial linear noise structures, from winding and organically warping waves, an increasingly refined compositional structure, a pictorial motif, the apparent motif “landscape”. A softly undulating landscape, which can be found both in the pre-erzgebirge area of Holger’s childhood, as well as around his current residence in Brandenburg.

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1762111910, 17621125524, 1762185033, 20621153457

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