Artist Talk with Susanne Rottenbacher at Museum Starnberger See

Susanne Rottenbacher, Installation, Exhibition "Im Schein der Sterne", Starnberg, Germany

For the exhibition In the Glow of the Stars, UNPAINTED artist Susanne Rottenbacher realized an impressive light and sound installation in the chapel of the Lochmannhaus. Now the artist comes to Starnberg for a conversation about her work with museum director Benjamin Tillig.

What does the starry sky mean today: at a time when global communication via satellites is guided through the sky – casually and in real time? At a time when the flight to other planets is a project of private investors? At a time when the earth’s equilibrium is increasingly out of balance?

The centre of the exhibition at the Museum Starnberger See is a cultural-historical consideration of the interpretation and significance of the celestial space from the perspective of the human observer. Regional points of contact are particularly emphasized in order to promote local localization.

Date: Sunday, 21.11.2021 at 4 pm in the Museum Starnberger See, Possenhofener Straße 5, 82319 Starnberg

Due to the current situation, the 2G rule applies to the event. Please register at:

+49 (0)8151 44 77 57 0 or info@museum-starnberger-see.de