Five Lakes Movie Festival with Veronika Veit

"Im Bunker" by Manuela Hartel, Still

The Five Lakes Film Festival

Attraction for 20,000 visitors and a trademark for excellent film selection and prominent guests far beyond the region.

Since 2007, the Five Lakes Film Festival has taken place in one of the most beautiful areas of Germany in the Fünfseenland south of Munich. The focus is on the fiction, documentary and short films from Central Europe with a focus on Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol, the promotion of young filmmakers and the anchoring of today’s films in film history (guests of honour) and in society (horizons).

Within a very short time, the FSFF has developed into one of the largest and most renowned film festivals in southern Germany and takes place on 15 screens in the venues Starnberg, Gauting, Schloss Seefeld, Weßling and Wörthsee. In 2019, 20,000 visitors came to the more than 300 performances.

The FSFF owes its great popularity to the excellent film selection, the personal atmosphere, the top-class guests and conversations, the dreamlike landscape and the extensive media coverage.

This year’s festival lasts from August 18th to 31st.

The Short Movie “Im Bunker”

The video “Im Bunker” (2017) by UNPAINTED artist Veronika Veit will be shown as part of the short film programme. It allows a view of the strictly structured everyday life of an isolated family. Only through absolutely regulated behavior and extreme hygiene does it seem possible to maintain control. At a time when it is increasingly about individualization instead of community, in which buzzwords such as self-realization and self-optimization are already a topic in kindergarten, this intervention is intended to disturb, shake up and provoke. The project addresses the tendency towards demarcation and isolation, the attempt to exist completely autonomously and the absurd idea that everyone is solely responsible for their fate.

The video is shown on August 22nd, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. at Cinema Starnberg.

Still photo: Stephan Vorbrugg