„Digital Art Diary“ by STATION ROSE turns to „Quarantine Diary“

"STATION ROSE /// Digital Art Diary (3)", Für ORF III & ARDalpha produzieren die Künstlerin Elisa Rose und der Komponist & Musiker Gary Danner eine weitere Folge ihres Fernsehformates "Digital Art-Diary". Foto: ORF/Station Rose. Anderweitige Verwendung honorarpflichtig und nur nach schriftlicher Genehmigung der ORF-Fotoredaktion. Copyright: ORF, Wuerzburggasse 30, A-1136 Wien, Tel. +43-(0)1-87878-13606

Vienna (OTS) – On Saturday, January 16, 2021, the artist duo Elisa Rose and Gary Danner – also known as “STATION ROSE” – will present two new episodes of the ORF III (Austrian TV) video art series “Digital Art Diary” in ORF III Culture and Information. The TV premieres of the two 15-minute episodes will take place at 8.35am and 8.50am.

The “pioneers of digital art” took the ongoing Corona crisis as an opportunity to have real moments of lockdown life met in a kind of “Quarantine Diary” on a live performance at the “Parallel Vienna”, which took place in September 2020. While the already broadcast episodes five and six still focus on a trip to New York (Dacapos of the two editions can be seen on Saturday, January 9, and Sunday, January 10, at 8.50 a.m. in ORF III), the current radius of the media artist and the composer is shortened to a footpath from her studio in Vienna’s fourth district to the Stadtpark or to a bicycle tour into the Augarten.

However, the art enthusiasts are not exploring the so-called “social distancing” anew: as early as the 1990s, they experienced the “Digital Cocooning” in their Frankfurt studio in self-experiments, which they revived in 2020 as part of the production of their “Digital Art Diary”. In the Vienna studio, they also reactivated the “STReaming” (live streams that originally took place on the net and are incorporated into the show as excerpts), which they first used in Berlin in 1999.

In episodes seven and eight, Elisa Rose and Gary Danner combine the performance and captured real moments with abstract image and sound sequences, “STReams”, sketches, archival material and nature photographs. Etudes created on the computer in the form of audiovisual compositions recorded in the “Station Rose” studio provide the musical framework.

Here you can stream the two latest episodes of STATION ROSE’s Digital Art Diary from Austrian TV:



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