Susanne Rottenbacher exhibits her light sculptures at Kunsthaus Dahlem, Berlin


After the summer construction work in the sculpture garden for the redesign of a barrier-free path, the Kunsthaus Dahlem presents two exterior works by the artist Susanne Rottenbacher from the work group »Lux Serpentinata” on the occasion of the reopening.

Since 2004, Susanne Rottenbacher has been working as a freelancer, using LED hoses, acrylic glass and paint to compose sculptures that work beyond their physical boundaries, penetrate the surrounding space and thereby reinterpret it. A constant change is characteristic of Rottenbacher’s works: depending on the time of day and weather conditions, but also depending on the perspective, the effect of the sculptures changes – from meditative, dynamically explosive to a floating lightness, the works unfold again and again.

The starting point of her sculptures are small models made of rods, wires, cardboard and paper, which are scanned in a 3D process. Subsequently, the resulting digital data can be used to create design drawings for the complex structures.

The works exhibited at the Kunsthaus Dahlem by Susanne Rottenbacher from the group of works »Lux Serpentinata» refer thematically to the art-historical epoch of Mannerism and its style-defining “Figura Serpentinata”. The Latin term “serpentinus” (snake-shaped) characterizes the steered and screwed figures, as they show, for example, early representations of Leonardo da Vinci, Raffael and Michelangelo in the transition from the Renaissance to the Baroque. Rottenbacher’s constructions of coloured LED hoses also characterize a winding line.

The sculptures combine delicate lightness with expressive dynamics – like a frozen explosion. Through the flowing lines of motion, the works appear like abstract paintings, which are choreographically coordinated with each other and radiate liveliness through their overlays, layers of color and perides. In a dialogical positioning, the works of the »Lux Serpentinata” frame the newly installed path in the sculpture garden of the Kunsthaus Dahlem and invite you to explore the ensemble of nature and art “in a different light”.

Susanne Rottenbacher (*1969 in Göttingen) studied stage design and light in New York and London from 1988 to 1992. She then worked as a set designer at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin as well as as a photographer and project manager for the Federal Chancellery and other government buildings. Her lighting concept for the Marie Elisabeth Lüders House was awarded the GE Edison Award of Excellence in 2005. Rottenbacher has been working as a freelance artist since 2004. Her works have been presented at national and international exhibitions, including berlin, Cologne, Munich, Venice and Dubai. Susanne Rottenbacher lives and works in Berlin.

Susanne Rottenbacher in the UNPAINTED artstore