STATION ROSE: GLITCH_20201201_163804

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Title: GLITCH_20201201_163804

Medium: photo print on aluminum dibond, with augmented reality

Size: 120×120 cm

Year: 2020


The work is digitally certified.

Available exclusively online at UNPAINTED.

AR App by Artivive

Delivery time: Two weeks

The picture “GLITCH_20201201_163804” by STATION ROSE is part of the “Nature Is Cool” series. It was created in Lockdown 2 in November 2020 in the artist’s studio in Vienna. It goes back to nature photographs at the Schwarzsee when the artists spent the summer in Kitzbühel, so to speak during a short interim phase between two lockdowns.

On the iPad, this subject is alienated, animated and spun on in motion in various apps. The parallel audio-visual composition “Schwarzsee-Glitch 2020”, which was created for the TV program “STATION ROSE Digital Art Diary 7 & 8″ (ORF 3, 1.2021) in November, will be shown in an exclusive version for “GLITCH_20201201_163804” Visible and audible in augmented reality. This creates an expanded audio-visual space in augmented reality.

The sound for it is a melodic, electronic composition, inspired by the Teletubbies, Breakfast TV and Franz Schubert.

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Dimensions 120 × 120 cm