Jakub Nepraš: Fossil

19.175,00  Prices include VAT.

Edition 2/5 + 2 AP

2007, video- collage with sound, projection on plexiglass or wall, 2 min. in loop

1 or 2 projectors, short throw / long distance fullHD recommended

Tec-mat: recommended projectors (1,500 EUR) are not include this price

Delivery time: Two weeks

Fossil is a video artwork by Czech digital artist Jakub Nepraš.

Ancient impressions resemble the first organisms that existed on earth long ago, and combined with other single-celled organisms to form progressive steps in the complex progress of life on earth. The fossil’s semi-transparent outer walls give space to repeal the reactions of the final phases of evolution – this is also how I perceive modern civilization and manipulated nature. In our present communication revolution, with it’s new technologies and global consumption, the world tends towards higher inflation and homogenization of connected nature. After over-saturation and breakdown, the solution naturally hardens and solidifies. After some time a new cycle begins, but where the first life-giving impulses come from we do not know.

Link for the artwork conception, preview and documentation: https://www.jakubnepras.com/fossil


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