Gretchen Andrew: Mirror Work (silver)

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Material / technique: collage, your reflection on collaged mirror

40×150 cm


Signed on retro

Unique Piece

The artwork is shipped in a wooden box.

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Gretchen Andrew presents Mirror Work for sale in the UNPAINTED artstore. Previously on display at the Francisco Carlinum Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art are four Vision Board mirrors from Gretchen’s Mirror Work series. The series allows viewers to become part of the exhibition and see themselves belonging in the museum and in art history more broadly.  Mirror Work comes from the Louise Hay Affirmation practice of rewiring your beliefs while looking into a mirror. The language of affirmation is used by Gretchen to confuse google into presenting her hopes and dreams as realities.

Mirror Work comes from the same culture as vision boards, manifestation, and law of attraction, all cultures I tap into to structure my algorithm manipulations.  I love how the internet works just like our subconscious and that both can be rewired by talking to them differently.”


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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 150 × 40 cm