Birthe Blauth: Celestial Bodies

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Celestial Bodies by Birthe Blauth


Work group consisting of 11 motifs.

Edition per motif: 3 + 2 AP

Motif size: 100 x 100 cm

Technique: Fine Art direct print on Alu Dibond. The suspension is included.

Each work is certified and signed on the back.

Exclusively available online at UNPAINTED.

Here are the motifs in detail. Click on a picture to enlarge it. Press “Esc” to return to the page.

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Image variants: 1-11

Birthe Blauth: Dancing Dragon Star
Dancing Dragon Star, 2020
Birthe Blauth: Diving Into The Magnificent Rabbit Hole
Diving Into The Magnificent Rabbit Hole, 2021
Birthe Blauth: Hypnotic Solar Plexus
Hypnotic Solar Plexus, 2021
Birthe Blauth: Extinguishing Sun
Extinguishing Sun, 2021
Birthe Blauth: Birth Of A Celestial Body
Birth Of A Celestial Body, 2021
Birthe Blauth: Dragon Moon Pearl
Dragon Moon Pearl, 2020
Birthe Blauth: The Feeling Of A Velvet Pearl
The Feeling Of A Velvet Pearl, 2021
Birthe Blauth: Birth of Venus
Birth of Venus, 2021
Birthe Blauth: Wounded Soul
Wounded Soul, 2021
Birthe Blauth: Falling Beauty
Falling Beauty, 2021
Birthe Blauth: Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse, 2021

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About “Celestial Bodies”

For Birthe Blauth’s “Celestial Bodies”, individual forms were extracted from image noise and copied and rotated several times. This was done in analogy to how a cell multiplies, creating a new organism. Light and shadow merge the forms into a unity, a fantastic star in the realm of possibilities.

Printing process

In direct printing, the print is made directly on Aluminum Dibond. In contrast, with the most commonly used foil printing, the motif is first printed on a foil, which is then mounted on Alu Dibond. In foil printing, the motif is slightly glossy and completely flat. The colors in direct printing, on the other hand, are matte and downright tactile. Pure white areas are slightly shiny, because the Alu Dibond is visible here. The darker the color, the higher the color stands out. Dark lines on a light background can be felt as slightly raised lines. Technically, direct printing is much more demanding than foil printing. But the result is visually much more impressive.

“Fine Art Print” refers to a particularly high print quality. Here, the finest details are reproduced razor-sharp and the finest color nuances are detailed and precise.

These works are currently on show at Irmin Art, Munich. If interested, please make an appointment via Email.

Exclusive at UNPAINTED.

Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions100 × 100 cm

Dancing Dragon Star, Diving Into The Magnificent Rabbit Hole, Hypnotic Solar Plexus, Extinguishing Sun, Birth Of A Celestial Body, Dragon Moon Pearl, The Feeling Of A Velvet Pearl, Birth of Venus, Wounded Soul, Falling Beauty, Lunar Eclipse