Schöne Neue Musik with Manuela Hartel. Visual performative concert evening at Kempfenhausen Castle

Manuela Hartel: Schöne Neue Mus

This weekend, Manuela Hartel is hosting an event at Kempfenhausen Castle for the third time. She had her studio there for many years. She is very pleased to be performing in the familiar walls again and to see you there!

Schöne Neue Musik
visual performative concert evening at Kempfenhausen Castle

An event by KunstRäume am See with video artist Manuela Hartel and composer/conductor Johannes X. Schachtner

December 2, 6 p.m., reception with introduction
Kempfenhausen Castle, Milchberg 11, Berg am Starnberger See

In the Christian church, Advent has always been a time of fasting in which the long wait for the birth of the child, the incarnation of Christ, was consciously celebrated. In Bavarian, it is also known as “Die Stade Zeit”.
The third concert in the “Schöne Neue Musik” series focuses on this interim period of Advent. Contemporary music that deals with the pre-Christmas and Christmas period beyond romantic recollection is actually a rarity and therefore finds its appropriate space in this extraordinary setting.
The starting point for this program is Alfred Schnittke’s “Silent Night” paraphrase, interpreted in a very “unique” way. In addition, excerpts from the piano cycle “Vingt regars nur l’enfant-Jesu” can be heard as well as Helmut Lachenmann’s “Cradle-Music”.
In Bach’s “Advent Solo Violin Sonata” in G minor, which is performed in an extended version by Robert Schumann, a siciliano refers to the shepherds in the field – a musical topos that Gerald Resch takes up again in his short violin composition.

Ernst Matthias Friedrich recites Advent texts that deepen, counterpoint and expand on what is heard. And so once again, also and especially through the wondrous audiovisual performance art of Manuela Hartel, a sensually tangible, beautiful new music is created.

Johannes X. Schachtner – music dramaturgy
Manuela Hartel – video art and performance
Lena Neudauer – violin
Silke Avenhaus – piano
Ernst Matthias Friedrich – Speaker

Elisabeth Carr – overall management and event

Admission 28 € / reduced 12 €
ticket sales via Fair Trade Tickets

Ticket reservation via:
KunstRäume am See / Elisabeth Carr
☏ 08151 55 97 21


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