Jakub Nepraš

Digital Artist Jakub Nepras (CZ) graduated from the Academy of Arts in Prague, studied drawing, painting, sculpture, advertising and graphic arts at the Hollar School of Art in Prague. In his work, the artist combines sculpture and video. In doing so, he draws on scientific and philosophical knowledge, personal experiences, feelings and intuition.

Nepras examines contemporary trends and the behavior of our “super-organism” in relation to the position of the individual within the entire unit and observes the natural principles that influence all this.

As an artist, he reflects on the fundamental changes in society and technology, as well as their dangers and the alienation of man from nature. In his work, he tries to achieve a more original way of life and to give natural and organic forms to the society and technology of today.

At UNPAINTED artstore, he features some videos and multimedia sculptures.

Jakub Nepras Homepage

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