STATION ROSE: Channel Updates_1920 (4 Images)

Dating: 2016
Format: 30x24cm each
Material: Print on Alu-Dibond

This is a group of images consisting of four individual works of art. A single purchase is not possible.

The series of images “Channel Updates_1920” (4 works) were produced in 2016 for the exhibition & installation “Parallel Vienna 2016.”

The images refer in their reduced size to the mobile devices such as iPad, mobile phone, etc.

The bright colours of the AluDibonds correspond in their opulence to the colours of displays such as mobile phones and pads.

Versions of these “Channel Updates_1920” Alu-Dibonds-in motion-were performed by the artists live also in the installation at Parallel Vienna 2016, with various apps on their iPads & mobile phones.

There is no movement in the Channel Updates_1920.

On the contrary, this is “dullness,” as Bazon Brock noted in the STR studio in Frankfurt at the webcast 102 (24.3.2000), to which the artists invited him.

Between the 100,000 moving images that are created in the performances and in videos and then present must also be stopped. And that’s exactly the case here.

These AluDibonds are something like small adequate stops on the wall.

Small stops in a bristling media world.

And the luminosity of the displays is still given.

These aluminium dibonds are unique.

Additional information

Dimensions30 × 24 cm

no augmentation