Veronika Veit

The artist Veronika Veit received her education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.

Control/loss of control and time are two central themes in Veronika Veit’s work. Since the beginning of her artistic work, she has been dealing with our misconception of having things under control. This had already begun in her first exhibition: “Things in the Art of the 20th Century”, (fig. p. 47) in the Haus der Kunst 2000, in which she installed gearshifts, knobs and levers with a “calling character” that could only fictitiously set things in motion.

She wanted to draw attention to how “little we are still able to see through what we are doing. This begins quite simply with electricity and computer-controlled cars and extends to the Internet or, even more uncontrollably, darknet. If we were to travel through time, we would no longer be able to fall back on any of the achievements of civilization, since we now only operate things, but no longer master them. Rather, we are controlled by the beeping, ringing and vibrating of our devices.”

From the things and everyday objects, Veronika Veit then directed her critical gaze to the people themselves, whereby the change came, according to her own statement, also through her films. Her installations also changed on this basis, so that her artistic signature today includes human figures about one meter and twenty in height. Catchy and enigmatic are her short films, in which she combines her favorite media, sculpture, installation and animated film.

Veronika Veit has had numerous exhibitions worldwide. Her works are represented in important collections, e.g. in the Goetz Collection, Munich. She has received several awards.

Awards and scholarships:

2019: Prinzregent-Luitpold-Stiftung Munich

2018: zwei:eins – The Munich prize for art

2017: Art in public space project of the city of Munich

2016: Award for Visual Arts of the city of Munich

2007: EHF Scholarship for Visual Arts

2006: Bayerischer Kunstförderpreis [Bavarian art prize] for fine Arts

2004: Working scholarship of the Kunstfonds e.V., Bonn

2000: Project scholarship of the city of Munich

1998: DAAD scholarship for Great Britain

 Exhibitions (selection):

2021            VIDEODOX – Biennale für Videokunst, Munich, Germany (K)
                   Fünf SeenFilmfestival- Was ist wahr?, Starnberg, Germany (K)

2020      Licht 02, Kunstverein Pfaffenhofen
, Germany (K)

2019: connected_on_nature, Digital art Space, Munich (S)
      The big sleep, 4th Biennial of the KV at the Haus der Kunst Munich

2018: Kunst_Film_Tage, Rosenheim Art Association 2017
      Im Bunker [In the bunker], multimedia installation, Gasteig Munich (S)

      Trans-Forming, Gallery Straihammer and Seidenschwang, Vienna, Austria

      mind the gap, Wurlitzer Pied a Terre Collection, Berlin

2016: No place like home, Goetz Collection, Haus der Kunst Munich

      International Fünf Seen film festival 2016, Starnberg, Germany

      The haunted house, Rathausgalerie Munich

2015: Videoworks, Electropical Festival, Reunion, France (K)

      The very moment, Maximiliansforum, Munich (S)

      Wartezeit [Waiting time], 13th RischArt_Project, central station, Munich

2014: You give me what you want yourself, Gallery Esther Donatz, Munich (S)

      Mächtigeingemacht, Bettina van Haaren, Veronika Veit, Kunstverein Essenheim, Germany

2013: No Place Like Home, 5th Fotofestival Mannheim_Ludwigshafen_Heidelberg, Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen (K)

      boys n’girls – immer wieder anders [always different], state art hall Karlsruhe

2012: Wir dachten, es würde immer so bleiben, Kunstverein Konstanz [We thought it would always be like this], Kunstverein Konstanz (S) (K)

      life in pieces, (with M. Gilligan), Gallery Esther Donatz Munich, (K)

      Alice in Wonderland of Art, Hamburger Kunsthalle, (K)

      under the constant threat, Museum of Contemporary Art of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

2011: suspension, Gallery upstairs berlin, Berlin (S)

      Bang! Bang!, CCA, Palma de Mallorca

2010: Mezzanine, Kunstverein/ Kunsthaus Potsdam (S)

      1910 Figure 2010, Georg Kolbe museum, Berlin

      Mythos Kindheit [Myth of childhood], Kunstverein Ludwigshafen, (K)

2009: am Anschlag [at the impact], Gallery upstairs berlin, Berlin (S)

      Auf Augenhöhe [At eye level], Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken/ (S) (K)

2008: Auf Augenhöhe [At eye level], St.-Johannes-Evangelist Church, Berlin/ Kunstverein Ludwigshafen/Kunstraum Hüll

      light, Gallery Nina Menocal, Mexico City, Mexico (S)

2007: wake up call, Gallery Upstairs, Berlin (S)

      Triennale der Kleinplastik: Scherz, Satire, Ironie und tiefere Bedeutung [Triennial of Small Sculpture: Joke, Satire, Irony and Deeper Meaning], Galeriya Murska Sobota, Slovenia (K)

2005: substitute, Gallery upstairs berlin (S) (K)

2004: true lies, museum franz gertsch, Burgdorf, Switzerland (K) and Kallmann Museum, Ismaning

2002: Zipp, Art Association Kassel (K)

2001: Triennale der Kleinplastik [Triennial of the small sculpture], Fellbach (K)

      Filz – zwischen Chaos und Ordnung [Felt – between chaos and order], Museum Bellerive, Zurich (K)

2000: Dinge in der Kunst des XX. Jahrhunderts [Things in the art of the XX century], Haus der Kunst, Munich (K)

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