Station Rose PortraitThe Viennese digital art pioneers STATION ROSE – Elisa Rose (video) and Gary Danner (sound) – already created a data transshipment point in 1991 in the then virtually unexplored cyberspace. With the real off-space station Rose, which was founded in 1988, they operated one of the first A/V gallery. STATION ROSE (STR) were awarded the Art dignification Award of the City of Linz for Lifetime Achievement in 2012. More than 40 publications – from DVDs to CDs to catalogues – have been published so far.

STATION ROSE’s artistic output is by boundary expansions “between reality and virtuality”. This flirting miracle chamber has nothing to do with VJing or mapping: At STATION ROSE, audio and video are, by definition, organically interwoven.

Current work is increasingly treating spatial and projection concepts. In doing so, they sharpen their view on technological categories, social hierarchies and current club culture.

(Text: Heinrich Deisl)

“STATION ROSE put Techno in a sliding scale of forms and responses.“ (The WIRE)

“*The Vienna duo here are indestructible. They’re like a flourishing rosebush growing out of a cement sidewalk crack. Every wannabe tech-artist should study their efforts and see how they just plain invented themselves and their milieu.” (Bruce Sterling, WIRED)

“Station Rose – Pioniere mit eingetragener Marke” (FAZ)

You can find a digital archive of STATION ROSE’s works here.



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