Frank Haase

Frank HaaseFrank Haase is a German designer and artist. He studied Industrial Design at the BUGH Wuppertal and received his basic artistic training from the sculptor Hagen Hilderhof and the two-time Documenta participant Anna Oppermann.

Through his work as a designer and the complex tasks from industry, Haase acquired a high level of technological competence, which – combined with creativity and a rich pool of ideas – is reflected in his works of art. In recent years, groups of works have emerged that combine different technical and artistic disciplines.

In his so-called shadow images, Frank Haase separates his own digital photographs into different image planes, processes these layers partly digitally and partly manually and then reassembles them into objects. In his QR art, he combines physical images, reliefs and sculptures with digital content on the Internet by means of artistically alienated, yet readable QR codes. The QR artworks are thus hybrid works with analog and digital components, material and intangible at the same time, static and dynamic in one.

In his experimental short films, Frank Haase works with minimalist means, often even only with the mobile phone camera. Often he creates abstract images and image sequences through strong defocusing, which he places in a scientific, social or personal context. The artist sees his films as an invitation to the viewer to engage with unusual perspectives and to look for the fascinating behind the self-evident.

Motto: “Seeing things as they are not yet.”

Homepage: www.frank-haase-design.de

List of Frank Haase exbibitions and awards

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