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Clarifications of the approximate

Birthe Blauth
Birthe Blauth

Birthe Blauth’s work is based on the investigation of a wide variety of phenomena and situations. In order to understand her conceptual approach, Blauth’s academic career is important. The Munich-born artist studied sinology, ethnology and art history with a focus on religious ethnology and received her doctorate with a thesis on the fox demon in ancient China. It is an interest in the cultural characteristics of the individual and society that drives her.

Exposing hidden structures of these influences through scientific work is the starting point of her work, which she also adheres to as a visual artist. The possibilities of the scientific language alone did not offer her enough freedom to formulate new things. In her artistic work, Birthe Blauth can freely respond to what she uncovers through her search for clues. In conversation with her we talk about the “expression for the approximate” that this makes possible. Birthe Blauth reacts to the vague or unspeakable, for which the human imagination searches for symbols and images in all cultures, with a remarkable precision in her formal settings. Regardless of the artistic technique she uses, the intellectual and aesthetic sharpness in the execution of an idea is a consistent characteristic of her work.

(Text by Martin Matl, Diocesan Cultivator Diocese of Fulda)

Birthe Blauth works on her topics using digital means, often taking the route of transforming phenomena from the digital world into the physical world.

Birthe has received many awards for her work, e.g. the HausDerKunst Prize and the Dr. Theobald Simon Prize. She was a resident at the renowned International Studio & Curatorial Program in Brooklyn / New York. She has been represented in numerous international exhibitions for years. Birthe Blauth has worked closely with UNPAINTED since its founding.

Available exclusively online at UNPAINTED are the works Blue Glow, Green Glow and Pink Glow as well as, among others, Blue Mystery and Enigmatic Appearance from the Celestial Bodies series.

Here, “the finesse of form-finding in digital processes is taken even further. A network of lines takes on an apparent three-dimensionality through virtually placed light sources and color clouds. Numerous variations of these tangles of lines depict shifts in foreground and background, density and depth. The eye used to images recognizes the relationship with the fascinating images of dying or emerging galaxies. The Celestial Bodies by Birthe Blauth are imaginary, which derive their captivating, scientific-like rigor from the perfection of their execution.” (Martin Matl)

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