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barbara-heroldBarbara Herold’s Digital Artworks are for exclusive online sale at UNPAINTED.

Barbara Herold (*1977) is a German media artist. She lives and works in Munich. Her works arise from the mutual relationship between the real and digital world. The reality of our experience is increasingly shaped by digitally generated images, sounds, and texts. More than 90 percent of the entire information capacity is now digital. Barbara Herold aims to give this ambivalent reality a haunting form, which is why she could be called a ‘realistic’ artist.

Gustave Courbet already emphasized that “truly historical art [is] contemporary in its essence” and thus formulated the credo of the realistic epoch. Bertolt Brecht finally added the “alienation effect” to the realistic discourse. A criticism of social conditions or the world in its fixed structures is only possible from an artificially produced experience of difference: »The common view is that a work of art is the more realistic the easier it is to recognize the reality in it. I oppose this with the definition that a work of art is the more realistic, the more recognizable reality is mastered in it. ” – Katrin Dillkofer (translated from German)

“Barbara Herold’s practice is characterised by an insatiable curiosity; a desire to unpack and reorder the invisible systems that steer and form the landscapes of contemporary life and the technologies that increasingly dominate them.” – Gretta Louw

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