Claudia Robles Angel

Claudia-Robles-AngelI am an artist specialized in new media, whose work concentrates on the intersection of visual art, sound art, performance and new technologies. In reference to the latter, I specialise in the usage of biomedical-signals (e.g. brainwaves, muscle tension, etc.) combined with audio and visual aspects, all of which I incorporate in several of my installations and performances.

The inclusion of biomedical-signals in the composition and performance of my audiovisual work reflects one of my main artistic purposes: the interaction and communication between the human body and digital devices, for which the interaction between bio-signals and real-time media (light, video and sound) is a means to perfectly serve those purposes. My artistic intention herewith is to use the human body by enhancing its potential as a visual and musical instrument, in order to establish a new type of relationship between performers, space, audience and media technology.

My practice is further inspired by two main purposes: on the one hand, how to make visible the invisible or audible the inaudible; on the other hand, how to perceive the imperceptible. While the first purpose serves as a means to display simultaneously close-up images of imperceptible spaces or surfaces united to subtle sounds, none of which are obvious to perception in our daily life, the second shows my particular and deep interest in those internal signs of the human body that are usually imperceptible. Either in installations or performances, both situations reflect my constant intention to create immersive spaces by inviting visitors and audiences not only to dip into the audiovisual environment but also in some cases to participate with their own imperceptible physiological manifestations (e.g., either with their brainwaves, or heartbeats or other bio-signals).

More information about her work at

CV_Claudia_Robles_Angel (PDF)

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