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UNPAINTED Digital Art Advisory

Establish your collection of digital art! UNPAINTED offers you comprehensive art advisory in the field of digital art. Our team can draw on years of experience and on our worldwide network of artists and curators.

The field of digital art is growing in importance – not only since the boom of NFT (non-fungible tokens). Spectacular gains in value have been possible here recently.

As a private collector or museum, we are happy to advise you on how to enrich your collection with works from the genre of digital art while remaining on the cutting edge of time.

If you want to be an innovative company and in a creative environment, UNPAINTED Art Advisory is the right partner for you. For you, our professionals can install large or smaller works of digital art in your rooms or host exhibitions with artists and curators from our network. You can use this as a background for your customer events or to stimulate the creativity of your employees. Last but not least, you can present yourself as modern and innovative.

We can also equip hotel operators with attractive digital artworks to create a contemporary ambience in the lobby and guest rooms.

For the collector of digital art, a number of specific questions arise: Which artists or currents are predominant in this particular segment? What are the different genera? What are the latest trends? What is the best way to present digital art? What is there to consider when preserving? What are the solutions for authentication? Is there a secondary market? UNPAINTED Art Advisory is at your disposal for all these questions.

If you are interested in UNPAINTED Art Consulting, please contact us.

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