Banz und Bowinkel at “THE ARTIST IS ONLINE”

Sankt Agnes Berlin

Berlin, March 2021 – UNPAINTED artists Friedemann Banz and Giulia Bowinkel take part in the international group exhibition “THE ARTIST IS ONLINE – PAINTING AND SCULPTURE IN THE POSTDIGITAL AGE”. It is curated by Anika Meier and Johann König and it is held at König Galerie, Sankt Agnes, Berlin. In the gallery, around 70 works are shown by 50 artists, who are at home on social media. In the media of painting and sculpture, they react to the mechanisms of the attention economy and to technological innovations. They digitize painting, visualize data sets and reflect the mobility of images.

And what about art that exists in a world that is digital? To address that question, the gallery is hosting a second, complementary exhibition in Decentraland, a virtual world on the blockchain, where computer-savvy users can explore—via avatar—a ones and zeros version of König. There, more than 30 digital works can be purchased as NFTs. The “land” on which the gallery sits in the blockchain platform was loaned by a collector named Shahin Tabassi.

The exhibition is taking place from 18 March to 18 April 2021.

The Following artists are participating:

Trey Abdella
Gretchen Andrew
Daniel Arsham
Banz & Bowinkel
Aram Bartholl
Arno Beck
Lydia Blakeley
Ry David Bradley
Arvida Byström
Stine Deja
Rachel de Joode
Maja Djordjevic
Chris Drange
Johanna Dumet
Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg
Ben Elliot
Oli Epp
Liam Fallon
Travis Fish
Rosie Gibbens
Evgen Copi Gorišek
Cathrin Hoffmann
Andy Kassier
Nik Kosmas
Brandon Lipchik
Jonas Lund
Miao Ying
Pascal Möhlmann
Rose Nestler
Hunter Potter
Grit Richter
Rachel Rossin
Manuel Rossner
David Roth
Aaron Scheer
Pascal Sender
Sarah Slappey
Fabian Treiber
Theo Triantafyllidis
Anne Vieux
Amanda Wall
Fabian Warnsing
Thomas Webb
Jessica Westhafer
Anthony White
Chloe Wise
Hiejin Yoo
Janka Zöller

Visit Banz & Bowinkel’s section in the UNPAINTED artstore
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