NEW! Solimán López: CELESTE Capture 03


Size: 100×60 cm

Technique: Autogenerative artwork with AI

Medium: Digital print

Year: 2020

Unique piece

Artwork is printed in Europe and shipped to you physically.

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Delivery time: 14 days

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The artwork Celeste by Solimán López embodies the idea of the digital unification of different skies in various locations around the world. Through a beacon equipped with the necessary material to capture the image of the sky in real time, the system extracts the colours obtained and combines them in a new digital interface that can be visited at or through different types of installation and digital images, also available printed.

At night, in any of the locations, the system goes into «sleep» mode, accessing a database of images of ideal skies mixed with color alterations.

The artwork is available as a complete system with the beacon and in the printed version.

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Dimensions60 × 100 cm