STATION ROSE: „Pattern 26.07.14_1703 20“ (3-fold Set)


Tapestry, Pixel Wall Picture & “Dickes” (Thick) Picture
Dating: 2018
Unique pieces
Including augmentation
Execution: Print on fabric / on carpet

This item is only available in the 3-fold-set.

Delivery time: Two weeks

“Pattern 26.07.14_ 70320” consists of 3 constituent parts: a “thick”image, a Pixel Wall image & a tapestry.

The artists developed thick images in 2013 as STATION ROSE system expansion. Thick images popp-up from the wall, they have a sculptural moment, as one-offs and especially in hanging as a group. They let side SToRies run off on the thick sidewalls. They can also be augmented. Thick images are unique. Thick images expand forward in space and are lightweights.

Pixel Wall images are standardized in the size of 50×30 cm.

The tapestry is the third element of the set in the size of 60x80cm, and lays down in its softness in waves.

In total, the 3-piece ensemble “Pattern 26.07.14 _ 170320” plays with different shapes, materials & profiles, in real as well as in augmented space. A thick image meets a Pixel Wall image & a tapestry.

The tapestry is clipped wavy on the wall with punk attitude. The thick image with its thick profile wanders out of the wall & stands in the stroke with the freely shaped tapestry.

In the visual language of STATION ROSE, patterns are essential, and have been since 1988. Patterns have been the focus, figuratives are marginalized, if any, as in a webcast. The 8-month life in the Orient (Cairo, Egypt) has not produced this focus on ornamental, as is often assumed, but rather amplified or supplemented. Patterns have been created since Elisa Rose’s use of the Commodore Amiga computer began in 1987.

“Pattern 26.07.1_170320” is a pattern of 2018. This year, the artists have reached 30 digital years, and a huge number of works of art were created in the 3 decades. For the anniversary, the publisher DeGruyter Edition Applied published the extensive, augmented catalogue “STATION ROSE 30.0”

There was a catalogue presentation at UNPAINTED in Munich, in Irmins Loft. And an exhibition took place for 3 months. For the opening, the artists performed live, namely the composition “Irmin’s Loft.”

“Pattern 26.07.14_170320” was performed live and also hung as a 3-seater ensemble in the exhibition.

Various apps on the iPad, on the mobile phone and sequencer software on the MacBook were used for the visual implementation of the patterns and their movement into serial units.

The music for the augmented thickness picture is a live recording of the AV composition “Irmin’s Loft,” which was premiered there at the opening of STATION ROSE on May 14, 2018. A fragmented piece of music that has influences from Can, Sun Ra and Hip Hop.

In this 3-piece ensemble, the size, the Big Picture, is created in the grouping.

Additional information

Dimensions120 × 120 cm

augmentation included