Birthe Blauth: Noise Pairs


Game, 2 x 36 playing Cards in black box (33,5 x 24 x 4 cm)

Edition: 26 + 3 AP, with Certificate

33.5 x 24 x 4 cm


Delivery time: Two weeks

This digital artwork by German artist Birthe Blauth deals with the image noise generated by TV screens.

The shapes on the back of the cards were generated from image noise. Each back is different. If you lay out all the cards, you get an noise picture differing each time.

For the front pages, Birthe selected 36 noiseforms, to which the meaning of letters and digits was randomly assigned.

In the game, each player is allowed to take turns uncovering two cards and must try to find as many pairs as possible.

The backs of the maps represent the diversity and complexity of our environment. The front pages replicate how meaning is subjectively assigned in cultures and thus order and overview are created, the basis for a common language.

Noise Pairs is part of a group of works in which Birthe Blauth deals with our perception of disorder and how disorder can mutate into order and how we use to strive to perceive and create order and meaning.

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