Claudia Robles Angel: Leikhen (Animated GIF)


LEIKHEN 2020 by Claudia Robles Angel

13 second digital animation (animated GIF)

Format: 1172 x 1080 pixels

Production year: 2020

The work is certified by the artist.

Exclusively available online at UNPAINTED.

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Here you can see the photographs from the GIF as a preview:


LEIKHĒN is an audiovisual installation, created for the Immersive Lab (IL) at ICST (Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology) Zurich which consists of a panoramic video made by four video screens arranged in a cylindrical form, in addition to a full-scale interaction surface, which tracks the visitors’ touch from behind the screens using infrared cameras.

The installation was inspired by the composite plant of lichen (from Greek: leikhēn), which is the result of a hybrid partnership between a fungus and an alga. The installation is therefore a reflection upon the interaction and mutualistic relationship between two organisms, and how this union impacts on their behaviours inside a created audiovisual immersive space.

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In addition to some limited edition stills from this series of works, here you get exclusively a digital animation (GIF) with 4 selected lichens. All images were digitally photographed in their original natural environment and used for the screen touch interaction in the installation LEIKHEN.

Exclusively available at UNPAINTED.