NEW! Susanne Rottenbacher: Lux Serpentinata (Light sculptures)


2 works, individually for sale

Light sculptures / light installations for outdoors

Production year: 2020

Acrylic glass, LED tube, prismatic film, UV direct print

Unique pieces, no AP

Analogue certificate available

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From the art historical motif of the serpentine Figura Serpentinata, Susanne Rottenbacher develops in her new group of works virtuously composed explosions of neon light – the Lux Serpentinata.

The Figura Serpentinata as an artistic genre is a flowering of Mannerism, between High Renaissance and Early Baroque. The expression comes from the Latin ‘serpens’ = ‘snake’, or ‘serpentinus’ = ‘serpentine’ and describes a snake-like, winding, painted or sculptured figure. This includes figure variants such as flying figures, creep figures, corrosion figures and the cubic figure. Early examples of such figures can be found in Leonardo da Vinci (Anna Selbdritt, 1510-1513) and Michelangelo (Libyan Sibyl, Sistine Chapel, 1475 and 1483). According to Oskar Bätschmann, the effect of the Figura Serpentinata oscillates between surprising, affected, fantastic and experimental.

Susanne Rottenbacher redesigns the Figura Serpentinata in her freestanding light sculptures in a fascinating new way: her Lux Serpentinata is a Figura Serpentinata that has freed itself from its mannerist structure and creates and occupies its own artistic freedom. In the Figura Serpentinata the striving for the spiritual is already laid out, which finds its full bloom in the baroque. Susanne Rottenbacher’s figures also strive upwards – everything wants to be carried upwards. The light sculptures operate in their own eccentric design zone; everything unfolds anew again and again. Just like the artistic medium of the neon light tube, which always radiates beyond its physical limits, her new sculptures also point beyond the serpentine basic structure of their silhouette (i.e. Sturm und Drang, 2019, Haus am Waldsee). Complementary lines of flight unfold along the central winding neon tube in various colors and nuanced intensities. A broad spectrum of forms, possibilities and spaces for movement is explored and played through. Excessive, space-consuming, effervescent, and at the same time minimal and concentrated – in the works of the light artist Susanne Rottenbacher the whole world is present in a brightly illuminated way.

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„Lux Serpentinata, 01“ (variation 2), „Lux Serpentinata, 02“ (variation 1)

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