Birthe Blauth: Plato’s Cave or The Infinite Alphabet

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Full HD-Video 38:32 Min.
3 + 2 AP with Certificate

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This video work is about the infinity of forms and ideas. From digitally recorded white noise, individual elements were selected, extracted and enlarged. The individual elements of the White Noise are infinitely diverse and of special beauty. Each form is part of an infinite alphabet of noise.

For the video, 300 noise forms were strung in a row and pass the viewer in slow succession, telling a long and new story. They are ideas from another world, from a foreign world of possibilities. The video is delivered black and white and vice versa. Depending on the way you play, one thing is better, sometimes the other.

The noiseforms pass as shadows on the wall as in Plato’s cave chness about the limitations of human perception. In it, people sit trapped in a cave. Behind them, the things and ideas of the world are carried forward. – The wearers themselves are hidden by a wall. A fire casts the shadow of things on the cave wall. People only see the shadows, not the things themselves.

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