Nicole Cohen: Crystals (Art Video)

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Nicole Cohen: Crystals Art Video

Edition: 5

Medium: 3:00 min. digital video file for download and/ or as a file on USB stick – Including sound

The video is in vertical orientation.

Production year: 2015

Available for immediate download. No shipping costs.

After the purchase you will also receive a custom designed box signed and 2 flash drives.

Exclusively available online at UNPAINTED.

This art video by New York artist Nicole Cohen can be purchased exclusively here in the UNPAINTED artstore. It is available for download.

Crystals”is a video art work of a room of Cabinets of Curiosity (a science room in the 18thCentury in France, for exploration of the natural world). The image of the room is scanned and looks as if you enter into it. Layered and integrated into the image are natural objects, i.e. roses, gems, diamonds, and more, that are made in 3D animation, and float and travel through space that appear more like a dream state or meditation room.

The room is from a French interior book of a Palace in France that still exists. The contrast of natural objects to digitized ones, makes this digital art, and reveals human needs to connect with nature and evendesign it by mimicking it with technology. There are a lot of layers at an interplay here that alter ones reality, however makes it believable by the realism of the composition and atmospheric perspective. The sound gives the viewer a way to enter into the video and visualize it differently each time.

Buy a copy of this art video and add a very special atmosphere to any setting.

Watch a trailer of Nicole Cohen’s art video here:

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