Birthe Blauth: Interferences of Elementary Particles / Frame 000:00:00:00:01 / Segment 9+10


Drawing, 2017

Pencil on paper/signed on the back

Size paper: 43 x 63 cm/Size Drawing: 25 x 50 cm

Original / Unique Piece

Recommendation for framing: Object frames with narrow anthracite, opaque wooden bar, and museum glass.

Delivery time: 14 days

Interference of Elementary Particles is an artwork by Munich-based digital artist Birthe Blauth.

Pencil drawings on paper, different sizes. Unique pieces.

Elementary particles from noise overlap with other elementary particles and begin to interact.
On the drawing, a small section of digital noise was hand-drawn. The cool, abstract noise gets emotions through hand drawing. Sometimes powerful, sometimes tedious, sometimes delicate – there are different nuances.

A second one is placed over a first layer of noise. All of a sudden, the forms, originally isolated, begin to interact with each other. They dance, fight, move and hug each other.

This handmade drawing is presented by artist Birthe Blauth exclusively for the UNPAINTED artstore.