Birthe Blauth: Interferences of Elementary Particles / Frame 000:00:00:00:01 / Segment 10+11


Drawing, 2017

Pencil on paper/signed on the back

Size paper: 43 x 63 cm/Size Drawing: 25 x 50 cm


Framework recommendation:
Object frames with narrow anthracite, matte wooden bar and museum glass

Delivery time: 14 days

Digital artist Birthe Blauth presents this handmade drawing exclusively in the UNPAINTED artstore.

Elementary particles from noise overlap with other elementary particles and begin to interact.

In the drawing, a small section of digital noise was hand-drawn. The cool, abstract noise gets emotions through hand drawing. Sometimes powerful, sometimes tedious, sometimes delicate – there are different nuances.

Over a first layer of noise, a second one is placed. All of a sudden, the originally isolated forms begin to interact with each other. They dance, fight, move, and hug each other.

Pencil drawing on paper, different sizes.