Holger Lippmann: e-pastel (50380) (70×50 cm)

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e-pastel (50380) 70×50 cm
Year of creation: 2019

Medium: Pigment print on paper

Technology: Code-art/generative species, created using a software developed specifically for this group of works “e-pastel,” created with the open source programming environment
“processing” (www.processing.org). File edition: Vector PDF

Material (physical): Pigment (HP VIVERA) on 380g, 100% Cotton FineArt paper (200 years of Lichtechtheits Guarantee (museum) on the part of the manufacturer)

The print takes place on-demand in the artist’s studio with his own printing equipment.

Edition 25 + 2 AP per size
Picture size: 70 x 50 cm
Paper size: 80 x 60cm

Sales tax: 7%
Shipping costs (including packaging): 10 euros flat fee
Delivery time: 1 week
Without framing

In the event of transport damage, we offer a free reprint when upon return.

Delivery time: 10 days

E-Pastel (group of works) 2011-2019

The work group “E-Pastel” is based on various photo series, originated from urban impressions. Between artificial and twilight light, reflections and light refractions on and through glass and car windows. Between darkening skies, breaking clouds and flashing sun. Reflections of evening city lights on water and glass. Illuminated window fronts in front of illuminated skies …

Programmed in Processing. Building from a tense Bezier curve, based only on lines and reminiscent of pastel drawings in its finely textured texture. By repeatedly overlaying different color scales and predefined color and grid arrays, mosaic-like fields are interwoven. The image is built up step by step, using parameters, some of which are random and partly manually entered via the keyboard.

The basic building blocks are very simple, as with a primitive building; Nevertheless, thousands of slightly different parts together produce many interesting variations. It’s a kind of growth process; Many different interlocking variables work together to create an image fabric.

The creation process involves pre-programmed, random, algorithmic (loop, noise, random) as well as many manual values and functions. The generative process is complete when a unique composition has been achieved.

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Dimensions70 × 50 cm

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