Arent Weevers: Once So Bright

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Copyright/Artist © Arent Weevers, The Netherlands
Year of production: Coming soon
Time: 2’56”, loop
Medium: 3D stereoscopic video installation with sound
Technique/Material: 3D monitor 65 inch, brightsign player, 3D Glasses

Digital work
Exclusive: No
Edition: 2/5  + 2 AP. One edition offered at UNPAINTED artstore

Size Projector Size: 25 cm x 36 cm x 37 cm (HxWxD)
Weight: 7,8 kg

Incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs
(Panasonic ST PT-CW331 RE projector and 3D Glasses (€ 3.500,-) are not included).

Premiere: Gallery ‘See the Vide’ – Theater Hengelo|The Netherlands, February and April 2020

Delivery time: 14 days

As we lie on the bed wearing 3D glasses, looking upwards, they reach us from an endless deep. Very slowly. What are they, these glimmers of light in the darkness?  The closer they get the more form they acquire. They are very young children, some of them still babies. One by one they come and they go. One doubles in size and then splits up and changes from colour to black and white. Free of the background they float in space. Touchable with the fingertips until they disappear again.

Despite this peaceful beginning it turns out that Once So Bright is not quite so heavenly after all.  Particularly as the images present you with an atmosphere of paradoxes: light/dark; reality/illusion; transparency/lack of transparency; close by/far away; happy/sorrowful. The music of composer David Dramm, dissonant yet soothing at the same time, strengthens this perception.

Once So Bright is about the loss of a dearly loved child and the wish to bring him/her back. Everlasting life for your dear ones – for many a dream. Yet a dream which is becoming closer to reality each day. With the unlimited possibilities of biotechnology – cloning – as a solution.

This work of art poses existential questions for science, religion and art. It is a culture-critical work which makes visible the relationship between man and emerging technologies.

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Weight7.8 kg

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