Susanne Rottenbacher | Commedia della Luce | Light sculpture

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2 works, individually available for purchase

Light sculpture / light installation

Year of production: Zanni: 2018; Pierrot: 2020

Medium: acrylic glass, LEDs, LED tubes, prismatic film, UV direct printing, stainless steel angle bracket

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With a light sculpture by Susanne Rottenbacher, you give any room a very special touch. Whichever person entering the room will be enchanted by the appealing light object and will certainly not forget that experience any time soon.

For her series Commedia della Luce, Susanne Rottenbacher creates abstract theatrical characters made of light for the first time. While past works by the Berlin-based artist visualize ephemeral phenomena such as conversation or dance, the character spectrum of the Italian Commedia dell’arte of the 16th-18th century provides the impetus for new works, which – also a premiere – appear as wall works in space. Immediate inspiration for Susanne Rottenbacher are the Masques et bouffons (comédie italienne) (1860), a large-scale study of the Commedia dell’Arte figures by Maurice Sand, son of George Sand. Stereotypical human characteristics, which the Commedia dell’arte uses, are cast in light universal and timeless. The Commedia della Luce makes the finest psychological forms visible and is in constant transformation – never do any of its figures appear the same in two places. This allows each viewer to see and understand the sculptures in a new way, and to create his or her own narrative in space.

Susanne Rottenbacher’s elaborate compositions unfold a fascinating and multi-layered effect: they form stages and shape protagonists for new realities and radically change our view of the space in which we move. In Susanne Rottenbacher’s works, LED light is technically virtuously inserted into transparent materials such as acrylic glass and integrated into existing architecture. Her sculptures evoke – often freely floating in space – vibrating movements that go beyond the static form of the light body. Susanne Rottenbacher develops sculptural equivalents of stylized characters. Of the various figures are available from UNPAINTED the Dottore and the Zanni as well as the Pierrot (on pre-order, currently in production). Pierrot is thus realized in musical, dance-like turns, which contrasts with the irregular and edgy formal language of the Zanni sculpture. Here are the available figures in detail:

The Servant: Zanni

The Zanni is the archetypal figure of the servant in the Commedia dell’arte or as the Zanni an umbrella term for various servant figures of the same form of theatre. They symbolize the simple people of the time, their wishes and their criticism of society.

Object dimensions: 35,5 x 47 x 19,7 inches (H x W x L)

The Clown: Pierrot

Pierrot (also known as Pagliaccio) is one of the most famous figures in the Italian theatre genre Commedia dell’Arte. Today, Pierrot has become a prototype of a clown image that impresses with its reductionist ambivalence.

Object dimensions: 47 x 47 x 17,7 inches (H x W x L)

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Zanni, Pierrot