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With Augmented Reality (Artivive App) – Music composed by STATION ROSE.


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PIXEL HOME by STATION ROSE is a Digital Land Art project. It was a media sculpture set up in nature, in the Danube mountains of Upper Austria, in Gary Danner’s birthplace of Ottensheim in the summer of 2015. The STATION ROSE theme was “Digital Land Art-Digital Natives lived a reduced live-style in the countryside.” The outer skin consisted, among other things, of digital fabric prints, generated from audiovisual compositions performed by Gary Danner & Elisa Rose in live performances at the PIXEL HOME. The technical equipment was deliberately reduced, consisting of projectors, monitors, sound PA & iPads. Projected was planted in the surrounding meadows, the roof with succulents. Over the period of months, the PIXEL HOME grew rhizomatically with the Danube jungle, with some live jam sessions created live on the iPads on site.

Next Step: In the summer of 2016, this media sculpture was transplanted into urban nature and placed in the courtyard of the KunstHausWien Museum as PIXEL HOME 2.0. Here it struggled with extreme city heat, with urban environment. Various events and performances took place here, including Link Art Center, Fabio Paris, Brescia/I.

Next Step: With no buyer turning up in time at the end of the summer, the sculpture was destroyed. Now it exists anew in this artwork in augmented reality, morphing with the new environment. It is planned by STATION ROSE to import this into VR as well.

The music was created in 2014 during the installation of the “Pixel Home” in the great outdoors of the Upper Austrian Danube meadows, where continuous live improvisation was carried out. This live recording of the composition, which was created with the most minimal technical means on the tablet, is uncut.

This work could be seen in 2019 in the exhibition “When Art Expands Reality Expands Reality” at the CAS Campus, Karlsruhe, Germany.

Watch a trailer of the augmentation:

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Dimensions 40 × 30 cm


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