STATION ROSE: Webcast 78 Painting

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Painting (Print on canvas), including wooden frame


Edition: 5 +2 AP


Delivery time: Two weeks

The webcasts are STATION ROSE’s answer to the COVID-19 lockdown. When we started STReaming in Berlin in 1999, it was for us a logical consequence and further development of LIVE performance in clubs, galleries, and museums, as well as a move towards the more personal. In the intimate atmosphere of the “home studio”, live @home, the tension of the outdoor live situation was eliminated without losing the dynamism of a live performance. You could use the entire studio for one performance! In contrast to outdoor live performance, you also had more time to speak to the audience (who were present online) and let them be there while an audiovisual composition was being created.

The recorded STReams were often reused, in the style of STATION ROSE: stills were turned into works of art as distillates (like the picture “Webcast 78” here), sounds were published on records (see the series of “live @home” – Vinyls on Gunafa Records), recordings became the TV series “Best of Webcasting” on ARD / hr television, and excerpts were put online (6 years before YouTube). The camera became an important tool: it showed us working on the workstations, and filmed Elisa Rose speaking to the audience. Verbal statements became a new part of STR’s art. These are samples of announcements with an emphasis on repetition.

Elisa Rose trains the precise setting of the voice, including effects. It’s a <shouting into cyberspace>; the voice as another digitized instrument is its own building block in the larger whole of STR art. This painting was shown for the first time at Art Frankfurt 2000. By 2002 we have already broadcast 200 live STReams from our studio in Frankfurt. This picture is a snapshot of the show No. 78, a historical moment, so to speak. Women and technology: Elisa as an artist seems relaxed at the microphone. She was actually acting in front of and behind the cameras.

The entire technical park had to be controlled by Gary Danner & her in the live performance situation. We are here in 2000, 5 years before the existence of Youtube. A LIVE STReam at that time was also to master the encoder & the server in terms of soft and hardware. Incidentally, STATION ROSE contributed to this art fair, which no longer exists, in 2001 with the extensive installation “Webcast Lounge” with performance, discussions with guests (e.g. with Daniel Birnbaum) & LIVE streaming directly from the art fair. Elisa Rose & Gary Danner, 07.2020

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Dimensions 70 × 90 cm

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