STATION ROSE: VR Microscopic 2259

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VR Microscopic 2259, 2019

Size: 75cmx100cm

Glossy photo canvas

Edition of 3+1 AP

This work is augmented. Augmented Reality App: Artivive

Authenticity certificate included.

Other sizes are available upon request.

Exklusively @ UNPAINTED.

Delivery time: Two weeks

STATION ROSE, consisting of Elisa Rose and Gary Danner, originated in Vienna and have been producing digital art with sound and images for more than 30 years.

The artists premiered the LIVE performance “”Natura Urbana Microscopica_0719” at the Munich Haus der Kunst at “A Midsummer Night” in July 2019. For this, the artists have again worked with nature. Nature has long played an important role in its art. They have coined the terms “Digital Land Art”, “Urban Digital Land Art”, and “Nature Is Cool/ NiC”. For the House of Art, Elisa Rose used a microscope live as well as worked with various iPad apps.

In “VR_Microscopic_2259”, they used a carnation as the starting material, which was chased through the microscope & various apps before it landed in the sequencer. Finally, the work experiences its audio-visual climax in the augmentation. The work was shown for the first time in September 2019 at Ars Electronica Linz in the solo exhibition “U >< N<>I<<T>> A #Urbana Natura in_hancing_The_Augmented” at Galerie Hofkabinett in September 2019. The music of the augmentation was the leitmotif of the live AV performance of STATION ROSE at the Haus der Kunst München at the event “A Midsummer Night” on 19.7.2019. Here a section was used, which was recorded during a live session in the studio of STATION ROSE in Vienna. The dynamics of the piece of music come about through the dialectic of a harmonic, worn melody and a driving and aggressive, multi-voiced use of percussion.

This artwork by STATION ROSE was originally exhibited at the Ars Electronica Festival 2019 in Linz, Austria, and is available exclusively from UNPAINTED in a strictly limited edition. Watch the video of Ars Electronica here.

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