STATION ROSE: Thick Picture I

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Group: Thick pictures

Print on fabric – framed with foam

Date: 2018

Augmented – make the VR effects visible with the ARTIVIVE app.

Design: Print on fabric, wooden frame, foam filling

Available separately or in a set of three

Exclusively at UNPAINTED

Delivery time: Two weeks

The 3-part series “gifart_020916” by STATION ROSE belongs to the group of “Thick Pictures”. Thick Pictures were developed by the artists in 2013 as an STR system extension. Thick Pictures stand out from the wall, they have a sculptural moment, as individual pieces and when hung as a group. They allow secondary SToRies to run down the thick side walls. They can also be augmented.

The hanging – especially in series – also allows various possible variations, it can be hung from bottom to top, from left to right, rotated on its axis, etc.  Thick Pictures are unique. They can be re-hung again and again in a Tetris-like manner. Thick Pictures expand forward in space and are lightweights at the same time.

The series Thick Pictures “gifart_020916” consists of 3 pieces and works with the model of GIF-Ani sequences. The feeling that the GIF-Ani is serially propagating in front of the viewer, is created. In addition, with the further layer of augmented reality, which is superimposed on an image as a pop-up (the one with the largest pattern, see photo) and scores with electronic music, thus expanding the art form of the gif-ani, which is otherwise free of sound. STATION ROSE has been creating gif-anis since 1995 and remains true to this style, also in the re-materialisation in the form of the Thick Pictures.

The images “gifart_020916” belong to the group of Dicke Bilder Serie 02, which was created for the exhibition & installation “Parallel Vienna 2016”. In 2018 it was updated with augmented reality. Audio-visual loops are an important STATION ROSE art form. Thick Pictures are perfect for playing these LOOPS more or less endlessly. In connection with a further player such as iPad, beamer & Bluetooth box, a room installation is also possible.

The deliberately reduced pale colours of the Thick Pictures “gifart_020916” are transformed into opulent colours in the augmentation. This loop was performed live by Elisa Rose & Gary Danner on iPads & mobile phones in their installation at Parallel Vienna 2016. Now it finally lands at the Thick Picture, where it permanently changes its size in a back & forth zooming.

This image is augmented. The sound is an improvisation on a mobile phone. The minimalism given by this technical restriction is tonally reminiscent of Radiophonic Workshop, Detroit Techno and Terry Riley.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 4 cm