NEW! STATION ROSE: It’s true – 3081_New York

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Print on fabric, 2018
Unique with AR
2×2 m

You can visualize the augmented content with the Artivive app.
The sound was composed by STATION ROSE.

Unique piece

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The work “It’s true” by STATION ROSE was shown for the first time at the Vienna Art Week in November 2019 and then in summer 2020 during the lockdowns at the STATION ROSE Artspace in Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier.

Info 2020: “Due to the Covid19 situation, analogue life is globally out of joint. From now on, the digital world will have much more space. In the exhibition “3081_New York” a new 3 D space was created through augmented reality that transcends the boundaries of space. It merges the media installation with the real situation. The artists were in New York in May 2019 and found an exponentially growing arts district around 25th Street. Now, one year later, there was no more talk of exponential growth, but of LockDown, curfews & riots. Where do we go from here ? The exhibition will be updated over the summer of 2020 in the MQ and is at the same time field research on the current “Covid-19 situation”.
The image was generated on the ipad and subsequently animated. In the augmented reality version, different layers shift on top of each other in space.

The music composition for “It’s True-2081_NewYork” was created using a 1-bar sample from a previously created composition. It was divided into 16 parts and, using a special app on the iPad, rhythmically disassembled, reassembled, set to different speeds, “shredded”. The recording used for augmentation was created live in the studio.

Augmented Reality with Artivive App. See a teaser of the augmentation:

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Dimensions2 × 2 cm