STATION ROSE: 12E234-5D5-472-A930

8.990,00  Prices include VAT.


Medium: Photo print on Alu Dibond, Augmented Reality

Size: 120×180 cm

Production year: 2020


The work is digitally certified.

Exclusively available online at UNPAINTED.

AR App by Artivive

Delivery time: Two weeks

The size of the C-print of STATION ROSE “12E234DF-5D5B-47D2-A930-56354CE317BE-1” on Alu-Dibond of 180x120cm is the re-materialized counterpart to the immersive light spaces that we create at AV-Performances.

The glossy surface of the C-prints corresponds to projections and monitors. “12E234DF-5D5B-47D2-A930-56354CE317BE-1” was created in lockdown 2 in November 2020 in the studio in Vienna, on the STR sofa, where the first STReams 2020 also took place from March. This image was animated in various apps, also destroyed & spun further in motion, to finally merge with the sound in augmented reality with the real space.

The reduced OpArt elements are radically laid out in black and white to allow them to clash aggressively with garish blocks of color. The play of colors with modest black and white is drawn far out into real space in augmented reality, accompanied by driving music.