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Title: 110%

Medium: Photo print on Alu-Dibond, augmented reality

Size: 100×150 cm

Production years: 2016-2020

The work is digitally certified.

Collector’s Edition: 3 + 1 AP

Available exclusively online at UNPAINTED.

AR App by Artivive

Delivery time: Two weeks

The augmented image “110%” by STATION ROSE was a central statement in the STATION ROSE installation “PiXL Playroom” at UNPAINTED lab 3.0 2016. 110% basically also refers to the commitment that digital audio-visual artists have to make by they are challenged daily by content – in the translation with excessive technology. It also refers to the challenge that the Viennese artist couple STATION ROSE had to master with the fascinatingly desolate, fragile installation space.

More info at: http://digitalarchive.stationrose.net/pixl-playroom-immersive-pixxl-hall-2016/pixl-playroom-unpainted-art-fair-munich.html

110% also relates very much to NOW & affects everyone – where the lockdown is currently completely turning the real world inside out, where much that has become obsolete is erased and the chance must be used to create a new, better world with 110% commitment. This now applies to everyone! Gary Danner once again gave 110% in composing the piece of music.