Solimán López: Deat(p)h maps V.1

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Size: 70×50 cm

Medium: Digital file

Year: 2020

Technique: Image generated by artificial intelligence

Limited edition

Artwork can be printed in Europe

Number of copies: 3

Number of copies available at UNPAINTED: 3

Available exclusively online at UNPAINTED.

Delivery time: Two weeks

Deat(p)h maps by the artist Solimán López are images generated by artificial intelligence recognizing human silhouettes and separating them from their background. This metaphor speaks to the very content of the images, which show scenes of violence in the public arena. The work mixes this concept with the idea of the battle of information and artificial intelligence, which uses the body, data and their meanings to be competitive in this information war in which we are immersed.

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Dimensions 50 × 70 cm