Solimán López: CELESTE Capture 06

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Size: 100×60 cm

Medium: C-print mounted in aluminium

Year: 2020

The artwork is printed in high quality in Europe and shipped physically to you.

Unique piece

The work is digitally signed and certified.

Available exclusively online at UNPAINTED.

Upon request, a digital version of the artwork is available as a complete system with the luminiscent beacon.

Delivery time: Two weeks

“Celeste” is a multimedia art installation that includes the arrangement of beacons, equipped with video cameras and microcomputers, distributed in different parts of the world. Each beacon captures the real landscape (the sky) turning it into a digital aesthetic that is captured in the self-generative movement of different algorithms fed with the colours extracted from the celestial vault. The beacon takes images permanently, incessantly and in real time and transfers them to the interface that can be visited via web and is available expeditiously and in which associations of the sky-locations included in the system are produced. The result is an image in perpetual mutation, arrhythmic, with organic and geometric forms, in the manner of a kaleidoscope that presents us with the construction of a new landscape that is already fully digital.

There are some characteristics that define the human species as the need to communicate, relate and socialize. We also observe, “think” and develop intellectual content. We have always been rethinking nature and the world. From the cave. Today, new technologies offer us different perspectives on these reflections and provide us with new elements of connectivity, as well as new devices to look at the world and try to understand it a little better. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, electronics, the internet, artificial vision and in general programming in all its facets make it possible for us more than ever to have a new conception of the world that updates that traditional view of the landscape and its meaning, its romanticism, ecology and faith.

The available piece is a print with a fixed image in a limited edition.

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Dimensions 60 × 100 cm