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Production: 09.2021

Limited edition: 7 + 1 AP

Technique: Fractal rendering – Print on Alu Dibond

Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm, 150×150 cm or 200×200 cm. Any intermediate formats can be produced upon demand.

For any format, the work is rendered in a 300dpi resolution file before being printed.
The Alu Dibond prints are produced in Germany upon demand.


100 x 100 cm : 1.990 € incl. VAT
Up to 150 x 150 cm : 2.490 € incl. VAT
Up to 200 x 200 cm : 2.990 € incl. VAT

The work comes unframed.

The work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

Delivery time: 14 days

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Philippe Chevalier’s, aka PHILOXERAX; artworks expose the fascinating worlds where life works in secret. Microbes, cells, seeds. These tiny worlds have always intrigued him. Buried in the heart of nature, it is where life works in silence and prepares to unfold. He had always wanted to capture these abstract energies, these compositions of forces that oppose and balance each other.

Using fractals, he assembles them, superimposes them, interweaves them to obtain new compositions, images never seen before, which evoke those tiny and secret worlds. Paradoxically, it is in the very heart of nature that we encounter fractal shapes: in the spirals of shells, ice crystals, the arrangement of sand dunes or the spreading of tree branches.

In a few artworks, Philippe also approaches the subject of spirituality, this particular link that can be established between our mind and something larger. Philippe has been practicing meditation for decades.

With his work, Philippe wishes to emphasize how all the life around us is incredibly sophisticated, beautiful and precious.

« By creating still images using fractals, I am building a mental world. This research already allows me to imagine an original, rich and complex world that I will be able to build in 3D using virtual reality technologies. I operate like an architect who uses sketches to help him progressively elaborate the complete vision of the building. Philippe Chevalier – PHILOXERAX

Watch the Fractal Video

philoxerax fractal 030
Fractal 030 | Water Worm
PHILOXERAX Fractal 038
Fractal 038 | Ice Gush
PHILOXERAX Fractal 050
Fractal 050 | Wind
PHILOXERAX Fractal 059
Fractal 059 | Winter Wind
PHILOXERAX Fractal 061
Fractal 061 | Solid Light

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 3 cm

Fractal 030 A – Water Worm, Fractal 038 C – Ice Gush, Fractal 050 A – Wind, Fractal 059 A – Winter Wind, Fractal 061 A – Solid Light

Size (cm)

100 x 100, 150 x 150, 200 x 200

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