Manuela Hartel: Wo der Wildbach rauscht

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Video, 18:55 min.


Edition; 5 + 2 AP

German artist Manuel Hartel is known for her imaginative multimedia performances. The art video Wo der Wildbach rauscht (Where the wild creek rushes) is available for download for art collectors exclusively here at UNPAINTED.

In her humorous approach to the phenomenon of home film, Hartel immerses herself in the scurrility of human passions. In a single setting, she directs the camera head-on at the protagonist, who is completely caught up in these passions, commenting on the happenings on the screen. The image content of the TV remains invisible to the viewer who sees the film only with the eyes of performer Ruth Geiersberger, who – live and in color – meets with the heroes of the well-known home film for the setting in an atmospheric surrounding.

Ruth Geiersberger | performance and text improvisation
Gunter Pretzel | sound recording www.verrichtungen.de

Watch a demo version of the video artwork:

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