Manuela Hartel: Leiermann #1

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Video, Loop, 1:14 Min.


Edition, 230 copies

This art video is by Manuel Hartel. Hartel is known for her imaginative multimedia performances. The art video Where the Wildbach rushes is available for download for art collectors exclusively here at UNPAINTED.

Performance artist Manuela Hartel’s Videoloop series stems from the video installation “WINTER” for the theatre adaptation of the WINTERREISE by Franz Schubert. It was a theatre production of the Micro Opera Munich with Cornelia Melián, Premiere 2017 at Theatre HochX, Munich, Germany.

The highly topical issues of displacement, flight and migration of people during the 2015/2016 wave of refugees from Syria to Europe were taken up in this staging by the two artists. The video loop series LEIERMANN describes the hiker between the worlds, guardians of timelessness, but also the “caller in the desert,” who wants us back to the natural order of our transient life. The figure in the video is completely shrouded, wrapped in rescue foil as if in a veil whose costume could have both practical, cultural and religious reasons. The figure seems to move swaying and teetering without ever getting anywhere.

See a demo version of this video artwork here:

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