Jakub Nepraš: Liana Video

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Edition: 4/5 + 2 AP

2007, video collage with sound, projection on plexiglass or wall, 2 min. in loop

Technique: videocollage with sound

Two joint projectors, or 2K resolution

Rear projection on the mate part of transparent plexi glass or on the wall

Size: 300cm wide x 100cm high or variable size

Delivery time: Two weeks

Liana is a digital Video Collage by Czech artist Jakub Nepraš. You can purchase it here.

I learn to discover and manipulate images of the present world, similar to the way nature represents functional systems, together with man. These rhythms and circles hide a palette of beautiful colors, movements, and shapes. There, I find similarities with emotions of our social structures. Every part that is shot out of a human life has a certain potential, an icon or a known association. The individual cumulations can then be mixed similarly to colors on a palette and thus new relationships can be created from the point of view of the general composition full of life.

The mixed images, which consist mainly of movements and known human activities, are arranged in organic forms in an arrangement similar to the microworld, such as cell structures. The purpose of these “video heirs” is also the desire to study and learn the relationships of the connected world in which we live, and to inspire unusual hidden vibrations.

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