Frank Haase: Hope of Salvation | Video

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Frank Haase: Hope of Salvation (Video), 2022
Digital Video, Full HD / 1920 x 1080 px, 13:56 min.
An abstract, experimental video recorded with a mobile phone.
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Hope of Salvation is an experimental, abstract short film by Frank Haase. The title alludes to the creation of the video. It shows the lights of a Christmas tree, filmed by a PET mineral water bottle. In combination with the refraction of the water, the material of the bottle forms a meditative-looking space with abstract light sculptures and light plays from the decorative lighting. The dark scenery is illuminated by raining light showers, waving curtains of refractions of light and rising fountains of light sparks. The artificial world of light appears surreal and reminiscent of dream images. The slow changes in patterns convey relaxation and tranquility, creating a premonition of eternity.

Like many of his videos, this 14-minute work is an invitation to the viewer to seek the special moments in everyday life and to develop an awareness of the beauty of the incidental. Hope of Salvation is also a call to slow down and relax.

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