Claudia Robles-Angel: La-bas (there…) – Glows in the dark

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Unique pieces (8 serial uniques)
Dimensions: 27x43x0.5 cm
Year of production: 2014/19

Material: double-sided, transparent photography; glass; phosphorescent material; wood.

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Image variants: 1-4 in day and night view

La Bas Variant 01 Daylight
La Bas Variant 01 Night
La Bas Variant 02 Daylight
La Bas Variant 02 Night
La Bas Variant 03 Daylight
La Bas Variant 03 Night
La Bas Variant 04 Daylight
La Bas Variant 04 Night

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Là-bas  (There…) by Claudia Robles Angel is an audio-visual installation based on light and surrounding sound (4.1), which was specifically created for the tower of the Lutherkirche Church in Cologne (Germany).                     .

In this immersive installation, light and sound are integrated into the unique architecture of the church’s tower, inviting the audience to submerge themselves into the emptiness and the stillness of the room.

The installation was created in situ at the Lutherkirche’s tower and could be rebuilt in similar spaces.


For the version available here in the UNPAINTED artstore, the artist created a sculpture in situ along with glass objects that glow in the dark using phosphorescent material.  These objects contain microscopic photographies that change their appearance according to the light that surrounds them.  In daylight and in the dark respectively, different suggestive perspectives arise. The work is available in four variants. The images show the day and night view, respectively.

Additional information

Dimensions 43 × 27 cm

Variante 01, Variante 02, Variante 03, Variante 04

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